Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Random conspiracy theory

Gee I must have been doing something cool lately. Hacker harassment is back. My Yahoo accounts -- which have long been compromised no matter what steps I take -- are capriciously refusing to receive daily Bible verse mailings and the daily Opednews mailing.

I checked with Rob Kall of Opednews, who said he wasn't blocking me. I then tried changing an account setting, and thereupon received one mailing, after which, nada. Back when, the White House mailings wouldn't start up, then capriciously showed up for a couple of months before spontaneously self-destructing prior to arrival. Haven't seen one in months, though I never unsubscribed.

Wait! Maybe it's not government cut-outs "showing who's boss." Maybe that's just a convenient smokescreen for Google, which would love to make Yahoo look bad by sabotaging its would-be prey. Yeah, and Google has plenty to explain concerning the episodes of censorship of one of my Google/Blogger accounts -- actions which strongly suggested that a secret national security order was being imposed.

Or, maybe it has something to do with Microsoft's hostile takeover bid...

Feb. 20, 2008 Same deal. No Opednews. No Bible verse. I guess this exercise in raw power is to last an indeterminate length of time.

Alternative conspiracy theory
See post below and you connect some dots... and consider this: some months back I was receiving Google and Yahoo news and web page alerts on the subject of "9/11." Some of those URLs came from Opednews. I then signed up with Opednews so that I might submit an article, if I wished. After that, no more Opednews url's showed up in my Yahoo or Google alerts, though plenty of stuff was still being written on Opednews about 9/11.

Quite a coincidence. Sure seemed like someone was moving to limit my impact.

Feb. 21, 2008 Still at it. But, for some reason, the Huffington Post daily alert, which was also blocked for a couple of days, is arriving handily.

I realize that it is easy to attribute such hacking to phishers, who steal private data by setting up bogus email pages. Yet, I have numerous reasons to believe that my email and other internet accounts are tightly controlled by some federal agency, which limits what I can receive. So phishers are either hackers who are "useful idiots" for a clandestine agency or who are witting assets of such an agency.

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