Saturday, August 4, 2007

Senate endorses treason

The U.S. Senate has yanked both the impeachment, treason, abuse of power, and accountability issues off the table by backing Bush's demand for an expanded warrantless eavesdropping program.

The GOP, Lieberman and 16 Democrats voted to give Bush this power, and also voted to send a signal that they agree with "the system" -- oligarchs and media potentates -- in upholding the authority of Bush and Cheney despite outrageous evidence of treason on 9/11 and repeated abuses of power. They are saying Bush and Cheney are fit to lead.

It isn't only Bush, Cheney and a group of top-level spooks who are evading accountability, as this vote shows. It is also a group of business oligarchs who don't favor their dirty laundry being aired, as it inevitably would be in a close-up on treason.

Hopefully, the House will adjourn without acting on this despicable measure, but chances are that the wire-pullers will maneuver the House into going along.

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